Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for each day

The average is closer to 30 years old, many people begin to gain weight. This is especially true of women. The extra weight pushes people to test all sorts of diets and slimming complexes. Then comes the realization that to eat a certain way need not a short period, and continuously for life. Regardless of the chosen system, nutrition for weight loss is based on General principles. Here they are.

Products for proper nutrition

products nutrition

The result of weight loss depends on proper nutrition. The main rule for successful weight loss is to consume fewer calories than they consumed during the day. The right diet should contain low calorie but nutritious for the body products.

First and foremost, it is fruits and vegetables. Healthy food for weight loss – sunflower seeds, pumpkin, and walnuts. It is advisable to use bread flours, wholemeal, and if this is not possible, then the only right thing to do are crunches. Choose low-fat dairy products, no sugar. Necessarily include in a diet for weight loss lean meat, fish, cereals – they are needed by the body. It is recommended to drink green tea.

Menu of a separate food for weight loss

In the assimilation of some food the gastrointestinal tract secretes acidic enzymes, the digestion of the other alkaline. If the stomach fall products of both groups (proteins and carbohydrates), to digest their full body is not able. Food is poorly absorbed, does not bring us any good and is deposited in the form of fat. In the intestines occur putrefaction, fermentation with evolution of gas. To avoid this, between the use of incompatible products must pass a minimum of 2 hours.

There is a special table of compatibility of food products, using which, you can create the right menu for weight loss.

This picture hang in the kitchen, and use it in the cooking process.

For weight loss it is very important not only to choose the right foods, but also the right to combine them. Eating for health the system of food combining, you will lose that weight, get the metabolism in the body will gain a sense of lightness in the body, a surge of energy.

The author of the theory of separation of power has developed several healthy menu options that contribute to weight loss. They are consistent with the rules of the diet.

Menu 1

  • For Breakfast a choice of fruit. One day may they be sour, the other sweet.
  • On the second Breakfast – vegetable salad no tomatoes, and a product containing starch, for example potatoes.
  • For lunch and dinner – salad with various crude vegetables, a few potatoes and a product containing the protein of choice (meat, cheese, nuts).

Menu 2

  • For Breakfast eat a fruit to taste and season: watermelon, cantaloupe, prunes, oranges, apples, grapes.
  • On the second Breakfast: vegetable salad with cottage cheese, acidic fruits with nuts, carrots with green peas, carrots and beets.
  • For lunch and dinner according to your taste – vegetable salad with nuts and spinach, sour fruit with cottage cheese, apples with nuts, fruit salad.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet

Why not just invent people to lose weight! Some for losing weight fast for weeks, others sit on one buckwheat, others eat yogurt for weeks refusing other food. What result they get, but for how long? After a short period of time not to avoid weight increase to previous levels. Rapid weight loss is not always good for the body.

What should one eat to keep your weight normal? Studies show that it should be correct and balanced. The most important thing when losing weight is to understand that you expect the restructuring of supply. Adhering to the principles of proper nutrition for weight loss, you will not only lose weight and strengthen your health. Don't forget that we eat to live, not live to eat. Food should be delicious and healthy at the same time.

There are special rules of nutrition for effective weight loss. Eating food, be sure to think about what it is. According to the estimates of nutritionists, most food should be carbohydrates (60%), proteins (10%), fats – 30%.

The calorie content of the product and the ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates is written on the package, you only need to calculate correctly. If home products, or purchased on the market, I advise you to use a special table of caloric content of food.

For the average person intake of calories – 2400 per day. For the person who started losing weight with 1500 calories.

A proper balanced diet is constructed so that the greatest amount of calories the body gets at lunch (50%), for Breakfast and dinner – 25%. It is important to follow a proper diet.

For weight loss person needs to drink a day at least 2 liters of water. Sometimes it is replaced by natural juice. Water breaks down harmful substances, removes them from the body.

Avoiding sweets

Avoiding sweets

Sweets are not always harmful to health, quite the contrary. They are a natural antidepressant, contribute to the production of endorphins ("pleasure hormones"). The rejection of them leads to the fact that the body compensates the deficit by overeating other products, experiencing emotional stress. From this result, it only gets worse. If you set a goal to lose weight, it is essential to know what kind of candy and what time of day is allowed to eat.

For weight loss have to give up cakes, pastries, candies, yeast dough.

Instead, they will use the no sugar fruit in any quantities: grapes, apples, grapefruit, kiwi. Of sugar fruit eat no more than 200 grams per day.

If very much you want sweet, you can afford occasionally to allow the Goodies with the least amount of calories – marshmallows, jellies, dried fruits (prunes, apricots), honey, halva, dark chocolate.

It is recommended to stop taking sweet foods for up to 18 hours.

Breakfast with proper nutrition

Many people get up in the morning without much appetite and ignore Breakfast, not even suspecting that this prevents the body to lose weight. A proper Breakfast – the Foundation of your upcoming day. It gives the mood, energy charge, protects not only the figure but also the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

When losing weight you need to eat for Breakfast right food. Should not be consumed with the morning biscuits, tarts, bagels. Best Breakfast for weight loss is oatmeal. Also will fit the white-bread toast with a banana or wheat cereal with milk.

Good to eat for Breakfast dried fruits, yoghurt, omelette with vegetables, a sandwich in a pita – wrapped chicken with cheese or boiled eggs and cheese.

In time eaten Breakfast inhibits the production blood the hormone leptin which causes excessive appetite. So, if you want less food to eat during the day, don't forget to have Breakfast.


Lunch skip harmful. If the body remains for more than 4 hours without a feed, he was catching up with a vengeance at the next meal. This is especially true of people who are inclined to corpulence. Therefore, when losing weight, proper nutrition – small portions, but through shorter intervals.

Right time for lunch – between 12 and 15 hours, when our digestive system is actively working. Nutritionists suggest to eat for lunch vegetable salad, 100 g steamed fish or low fat meat from the grill.

If you prefer lunch soup, it should be less of potatoes, pasta, carrots, beets. When losing weight make a soup the only dish for lunch.


Though the proverb says: "...and a supper give the enemy", never give up dinner. Will not help you to achieve success with weight loss no dinner for up to 18 hours or complete rejection of it. You will harm only to your body – tormenting stomach hunger, so long, and earn ulcer. For dinner a must, the main thing – that after a meal before sleep remained 3-4 hours. Food should not be too high in calories, eliminate mushrooms, meat, and beans. For dinner, choose steamed vegetables, fish, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese.

Fasting days

Fasting days

During the fasting days the human digestive system "rest", less energy is spent on digestion, it is heading in a different direction – to the intensification of metabolic processes, toxins from the body. Fasting days are very useful for weight loss. Nutritionists advise to do one fasting day a week.

Correctly will be discharge day in food to eat one meal (fruit, yogurt, milk, oatmeal). To find the products you need, taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism. For example, some people from the apples inflames the appetite, they can't do a fasting day on apples. Choose the food you love, because the fasting day is stressful for the body.


It contains beneficial gut bacteria, easy to digest. It is nutritious and immune-boosting product. Choose 1.5 liters of fresh kefir (no more than 3 days), divide it into 5 servings and drink them throughout the day.

Yogurt plus cheese

Five times a day yogurt drink. During Breakfast, lunch and dinner, add to it 3 tablespoons of nonfat cottage cheese. At lunch, add in cheese and a spoonful of honey or berries.


Fasting day on rice is especially useful for people with high acidity and suffering from diseases of the joints. This product neutralizes the salts in the body, heal joint pain, coats the stomach wall. Choose brown rice, wild. Per day can eat up to 200 grams of rice.

  • First, cereals need a good wash so that the water became transparent.
  • Then soak overnight.
  • In the morning cook without salt.
  • To use during the day.
  • In addition to rice, nothing else is.
  • All day to drink water.


The composition of buckwheat includes a lot of necessary for human vitamins and minerals – iodine, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium. It has a lot of vitamin B. Due to its chemical composition, this product strengthens our hair, nails, blood vessels.

When fasting days for weight loss is beneficial buckwheat with yogurt or green apples (3 pieces per day). Drink at least 2 litres of water or green tea without sugar.


Considering that apples have a lot of fiber, satiety comes quickly. Therefore, fasting days on apples are relatively easy. Improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines, noticeable weight loss. The rate on the day – 1,5 kg of apples, 2 litres of pure non-carbonated water or unsweetened green tea.


To conduct fasting day on the water alone is not easy. If you have decided a good "clean up" your body, a fasting day for you. But before you begin, it would be right to consult a doctor whether you have contraindications to fasting. For the day you need to drink no less than 2, 5 liters of water.


It is widely known positive effect of oatmeal on the gastrointestinal tract. During the day you need to eat oatmeal (1 Cup cereal per day) with unsweetened green tea.

Find out more information, how to arrange fasting days for weight loss.

How to reduce appetite for weight loss

When you set a goal to lose weight, you need to use less food. But what if food instinct does not rest, hunger follows you all the time? There are little tricks for easy weight loss.

  • Eat a little throughout the day, even if you don't much want to eat. In this case, you don't eat much. If you spend all day at work, bring fruit or dried fruit. They you can fill up.
  • Do not skip Breakfast.
  • Correctly balance your menu for weight loss. Eat more vegetables and limit the carbohydrates.
  • Eat slowly, thoroughly chew food, feel its taste. The brain signals the body about the flow of food only 20 minutes after you start eating.
  • Once poured food in a bowl, put about a tablespoon back. You might be surprised, but will be fed a reduced ration.
  • Try to take a plate of small volume. Then your serving will seem huge, you it filled.
  • Sleep more. There is a pattern – when a person sleeps little, he eats a lot.
  • When losing weight, eat more liquid or vegetables, fruits that contain a lot of water (watermelon, cucumber). Sometimes our body perceives the water shortage as a famine. Came home and slowly drink a glass of warm water, the feeling of hunger blunted.

The advice of nutritionists

The advice of nutritionists

Man lives long, if he listens to his "biological clock". Then he is healthy, full of energy. Due to proper metabolism, food is completely digested and the breakdown products are excreted from the body. According to nutritionists, you need to eat at least 3 times a day: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In between snacks of light food.

For weight loss before Breakfast will be right to drink a glass of room temperature water and only 30 minutes to eat. Between Breakfast and lunch is allowed a snack with berries or fruit. Meals should occur at intervals of 2-3 hours. The best time for dinner is between 17 and 20 hours. In this situation easily reset the extra pounds, the body recovers.

To quickly lose weight except proper diet the body still need to give exercise. Good to have a partner for weight loss and support each other on the way to the goal.

If you have your own tested recipes to lose weight, share them in the comments.

The information presented in the article is exploratory in nature. The article is not calling for self-medication. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of the particular patient.