The basic rules of weight loss

If you feel that popolneli for the last time, don't despair. Right now start to follow at least one of the 28 rules of weight loss, and less than a month you will take a big step to becoming more healthy and podtyanutymi, not even sitting on a diet.

28 rules


Rule 1. Drink before meals a glass of water, especially in front of guests or restaurant. The water churns appetite and helps you control what and how much you eat. Drinking at least eight glasses a day, you also fight water retention in the body. "Normal water consumption is the key to weight loss," — says Dr. Donald Robertson, Director of the Southeast center nutrition and treatment of obesity in Scottdeile, Arizona.

Rule 2. Eat sensibly, not fewer. Sea of hunger, you are pohudeete. The body responds to lack of calories and fat accumulation by inhibition of metabolism. And denying himself the necessary food, man often fails and allows a "kutnut'". Meanwhile, cedenaja morning bowl of cereal with high fiber can relieve you of acute hunger during the day. "Malokaloriina fiber and fills the stomach, says Lori Mejer, a dietitian with Miluoki. — Promote the cholesterol-lowering.

Rule 3. Try snacking four to six times a day is a healthy alternative to the three main meals. Do it at equal intervals of time to maintain stable blood sugar and remove cravings. Frequent food stimulates metabolism, providing the body fuel to burn extra calories.

Rule 4. Start keeping a food diary and physical activity, noting what, when and why you ate and made exercise. Don't forget to include the liquid. You will notice a sequence that will allow you to identify bad habits and their causes. If your diary open evening date with a vase of biscuits, you'll know that at this time you need to occupy yourself with something else.

Rule 5. Study the nutritional characteristics of the products. Divide total number of calories to calories from fat. In your diet calories from fat should be less than 30 percent of the total. A closer look at food labels is preparing you a surprise: all of these do not contain fats confectionery can be bursting with sugar, which contributes to the diet of empty calories and ruins the teeth. Sugar hides the labels behind the names: dekstroza, glucose, honey, corn syrup, fructose, lactose, processed corn starch, maltodekstrin, maltoza, malt and molasses.

Rule 6.Eat the soup. Afternoon or evening cook or clean broth tomato soup-consomme as a light but hearty first course. One study showed that people who eat the first bowl of soup without sour cream, as a rule, then eat less calories. Low-fat soup, like water, can cause a sense of fullness with low calories.

Rule 7. Make fresh fruits and vegetables more appetizing, prepare them in advance and put in the refrigerator in a transparent container. For example, wash, clean and cut into slices of apples, lightly sprinkle them with lemon juice so they do not darkened.

Rule 8. Avoid snacking (except most raw fruits and vegetables): it's not as simple as it seems. In small portions it may be a lot of calories. 60 grams of oatmeal with nuts and raisins contains 280 calories and 16 grams of fat per Cup of peanut — 840 calories and 68 grams of fat. Two large sdobnyje blueberry muffins can be stuffed with 394 calories and 8.1 grams of fat.

Rule 9. Do not worry if you slowly lose weight. Focus on the positive changes in your life and how improved your health. Then you don't zabrosite all pohudev for three months only four pounds instead of seven, says psychologist Erik Gollstein of Mjami, who heads the office treatment of stress in the sanatorium "Doral". "I recommend to set goals that depend on you: for example, going to the gym three times a week or eat less fat. If you achieve these goals, your desired result will come itself".

Rule 10. Reward yourself. For every ten minutes of exercise cast into the Treasury fifty dollars. In the end, you amass enough money to shell out for a new pair of sneakers or a swimsuit. One resident Memfisa gave me a boat, and dropping nine pounds, easily able to cross the lake on it. Only not cheats. For every missed ten minutes of exercise remove the coin.

Rule 11. Go from milk (2%) to skim. If you drink two cups a day, the difference in fat — five grams compared to 0.5 grams per Cup of skim milk for a week will be 63 grams. This means a weight reduction of more than three kilograms a year.

12. Increasing the load in the gym you can build muscle, which is heavier than fat, so don't measure your success only by weight. Buy centimeter and to measure waist, hips and chest.

Rule 13. Home eat on small plates. Most people naedaetsja on smaller portions if it is served on a small plate. "You think you eat a lot because your plate is full when in fact you eat less, explains nutritionist Dr. Meyer. — And people podchzhayut plates regardless of their size.

Rule 14. If you sladkojezhka, satisfy your appetite with sweet fruit and vegetables. In pochatke corn only 85 calories and one gram of fat. Other Goodies for the sweet tooth: toffee (25 calories and no fat), diet hot cocoa (25 calories, no fat) and korichnyi tea (no calories, no fat).


Rule 15. Don't be fooled. One skim a cookie can contain only 50 calories, but if you normally eat the whole box, then your portion may be about 600 kcal.

Rule 16. If you hate gym, "work in the garden or to find other suitable employment," advises psychologist Dr. Goldstein. The patient, who weighed 135 pounds, not like no activity, except for trips to the store. "We found the largest shopping centre in the city and made a deal. Before to buy something, she had to walk two and a half kilometers around the Mall. Doing this four times a week, it in five months, dropped twenty-two pounds". The house and be active, says Tomas Uodden, Program Director of the weight disorders and nutrition at the medical faculty of the University Pnsilvanskogo. Always take the stairs — every five minutes of climbing stairs to burn 50 calories. The failure of one of the telephones in the house can add the kilometers travelled for the year and provide a weight reduction of one kilogram.

Rule 17. Live by the rule of "90 10" 90 percent of the food should be healthy, the other ten can make meals within reasonable limits. "Forbidden food does not exist, — says Franka Olfin, Director of the nutrition Center diet and health, University of Dyuka in Dareme, North Carolina. — All that matters is her number".

Rule 18. Kitchen scale will help you determine the size of the portions. A serving of meat or fish should weigh no more than 90 grams, or not to exceed the size of a deck of cards. (You need two to three servings a day.) If your portion exceeds the norm, then one is likely to say about your hips.

Rule 19. Small changes can make a big difference. Here's an example: the transition from regular coke to diet will help you lose seven and a half extra kilos in the year. Reduce the calories and fat in eggs using only the whites. Only 17 calories and no fat, whereas whole eggs 75 calories and five grams of fat.

Rule 20. Satisfy your craving for delicious and podstegnite metabolism spicy food. According to some studies, hot spices able a few hours after a meal to curb the hunger and increase the calories you burn. A number of experts believe that incomplete teaspoon of the spice on a dish is enough to speed up metabolism by 25 percent for three hours. "I eat spicy food even at Breakfast," says Maria Simonson, Director of the Clinic's health, weight and stress Medical institutes John Hopkansa in Baltimore.

21. Poklyanites' watch TV only for exercise. Use dumbbells, bench aerobics or exercise equipment for example a treadmill, stepper or exercise bike.

Rule 22. Set a specific goal, for example: "I will exercise four times a week for half an hour" or 2nd I will eat only healthy snacks". The main thing — to choose achievable goals that will ensure you success.

Rule 23. To really improve the shape and strengthen muscles, mix and match kinds of sports that burn calories such as walking, Jogging or Cycling with strength training at least twice a week. Studies conducted Uestcottom, the American consultant for power exercises Christian youth Union, showed that a combination of exercise effective aerobics or diet separately. 15 minutes of exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular system, 15 minutes of vigorous exercise five times a week and a diet low in fat allowed eight weeks to lose four pounds of fat and pump up one kilogram of muscle. Those who limited fat intake and doing aerobics for 30 minutes, dropped just two kilograms and not pumped muscles. You can use dumbbells or lift pol-litrovye water bottles.


Rule 24. Count calories as a family budget. If you eat extra calories to compensate for this additional exercises that burn them. Four cherries in chocolate, for example, will require about 20 minutes of exercise.

Rule 25. After a family dinner does not go in front of the TV and don't eat disastrous dessert and invite your family along to walk or ride a bike. Turn it into a family tradition. Every night add to your walk around the block until you're together to practice for 30 minutes.

Rule 26. Possible replace foods with high fat content more useful. Discard the mayonnaise in buterbrodah (one hundred calories per teaspoon) and use mustard, saving 95 calories and 11 grams of fat. Sprinkle on meals low-fat cheese. Another way: reduce the fat content in the meatballs in half, replacing half the meat in a puree of black or mottled beans. An excellent replacement will be and the mushrooms with their meat odor. For muffins use applesauce in place of the same amount of vegetable oil to get 53 calories with no fat instead of the 992 fatty calories.

Rule 27. Politely refuse treats from the heart of the proposed friends and family, explaining that to save calories for another meal or compensate the recent obzhorstvo. Since cholesterol in my blood considerably exceeds the recommended limit of 200 units, I have the perfect excuse to avoid the sweets: the order of a physician.

Rule 28. Never bring home Goodies. Whatever you bring, you will eat. So when your kids want ice cream, take them to a cafe and order a coffee or nonfat yogurt. And to the diner for a Burger let them lead your wife. And finally, falling asleep, imagine yourself strong and slim. Athletes often say: if you can imagine it, you will be able to achieve this. Very soon you will not have to dream about how you'll look — enough to look in the mirror.