Corn silk for weight loss

This product contains sitosterol, essential (to 0.12%) and fat (2.5%) oil, Pantothenic acid, resinous (to 2.7%) and others (to 3.8%) substances, bitter glycoside, Inositol, cryptoxanthin, saponins (to 3.18%), traces of alkaloids, as well as vitamin C and vitamin K, which affects blood clotting.

The seeds contain starch (to 61.2%), pentosans (to 7.4%), fatty oil (about 4.7%), substances of a special character (close to 0.2%), pyruvic acid, flavonoid derivatives ( zeaxanthin, isoquercitrin, quercetin, etc.), Biotin.

Corn oil contains sitosterol and other biologically active nutrients.

Corn contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral substances, essential oils and resin. Another vitamin C, b, P, PP, K, E, alkaloids and ascorbic acid.

What use to struggle with extra pounds?


Corn silk can get rid of unnecessary weight, because their use causes following consequences:

  • The suppression of appetite. A decoction of the described product gives the body all necessary for normal functioning of useful elements, it does not contain a lot of calories. Thus, the body is saturated, but not getting excess calories. It is worth noting the fact that the use of corn silk inhibits the human attraction to sweets, which means that the diet, the diet of which includes this ingredient, it's much easier to move, and thus there is no threat to health.
  • Metabolism improvement. Than faster the metabolism the faster body leaving toxins. In turn, this relieves the organs (e.g. kidneys and liver), incorrect functioning of which can cause obesity. Corn silk act as a laxative, due to which toxins leave the body, and the kidneys start working more efficiently.
  • Restoring the salt balance. It disturbed water-salt balance leads to increased appetite and overeating. Restoring it from the body takes all the excess liquid, stop bothering swelling.
  • Reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. High cholesterol is an indicator of slagging, what's more, it can still lead to blood clot formation. Regular use of corn silk helps to avoid this.

Useful properties of corn and corn silk

Corn is definitely a useful product, because it contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. The corn consists of 40% fats, which help to prevent atherosclerosis, diabetes and obesity.

Crude unrefined corn oil removes cholesterol from the body, helps to strengthen blood vessels, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Corn silk – the stamens on the top of the ear, similar to a topknot. Of course, their taste is not the taste of the cob, but they have the ability to act as a diuretic and cholagogue, dissolve kidney stones, relieve swelling, even stagnant.

And vitamins in them than in corn grains. Preparations of corn stigmas are used in official medicine in hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, bile stasis in the liver and prostate.

Corn silk have a huge list of healing properties, affecting the kidneys, gall bladder and metabolism. The therapeutic effect is exerted primarily on: 1) the kidneys (cystitis, pyelonephritis, oliguria, edema, kidney stones, enuresis, bladder infection, fluid retention);

  1. It has been shown that the infusion of corn stigmas possesses immunomodulatory properties. In animal studies it was observed stimulation of interferon production (a key substance in the body's response to infection), and an increase in "migration of macrophages" (which means increased activity and movement of specialized white blood cells that absorb foreign particles).
  2. Pharmacological studies (in vitro and in vivo) showed that corn silk antioxidant properties, reduce hyperglycemia, are an antidepressant, relieve fatigue, and have effective diuretic action. Some studies confirmed earlier results that this tool is safe and non-toxic.
  3. Laboratory studies have shown that corn silk is able to inhibit certain bacteria from sticking to cells of the urinary bladder. In addition, this tool does some form cancer compounds – tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced.
  4. Diuretic medicinal properties of corn silk has also been proven in several studies.

Long shiny silky fibers on top of the corn called "corn silk" and have many uses as a therapeutic agent. For centuries corn silk is widely used in various folk medicines of the world, including Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

Corn silk is used to treat bladder infections, inflammation in the urinary system, inflammation of the prostate, kidney stones, obesity and bedwetting. Corn silk also possess therapeutic properties in diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue and high cholesterol.

We usually just eat corn seeds and throw away the fibers, considering them useless. But corn silk contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They also contain chemicals that work like water pills (diuretics), reduce blood sugar, and help reduce inflammation.

Corn silk is used to treat bladder infections, inflammation in the urinary system, inflammation of the prostate, kidney stones, obesity and bedwetting. Corn silk also possess therapeutic properties in diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue and high cholesterol

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Corn silk have diuretic healing properties. Fresh corn silk contain natural good fats and essential oils, resin, rubber, alkaloid, which has the feature of tightening the blood vessels, chlorophyll, phosphoric acid and lots of potassium and manganese.

Drinking this tea 3 times a day guarantees an increase in urine output with no harmful effects, which is especially important for those diseases in which the accumulation of water has an adverse effect on the body.

In Chinese medicine, corn silk (yu mi xu) are used for millennia. They have a natural sweet fragrance and neutral essence. It helps reduce inner heat, water and moisture in the body.

  1. In addition, corn silk have a therapeutic effect on digestive system, helping it function more efficiently, nourishing and balancing function of the stomach and liver. In Chinese medicine, corn silk is used to treat stones in the gallbladder and kidneys and for diabetes.
  2. Corn silk promote urination, reduce swelling (especially jade). They are effective in painful urination, which is accompanied by a burning sensation at the exit of sand from the kidneys. They are used for the treatment of diabetes.
  3. Also corn silk to have medicinal properties in hepatitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, and hypertension with signs of humidity.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that contraindications and side effects of corn stigmas do not exist. Care should be taken when using diuretics.

  1. Medical research confirms the fact that maize inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, the tincture of it should be taken as a General tonic for the prevention of cancer.
  2. Corn reduces blood sugar levels, contains biologically active substances and microelements. This infusion is used want to lose weight, those who suffer from diabetes. This raw material is poured boiling water. Then drink half an hour before each meal. The effect of the plant is not worse than the pharmacy drugs.
  3. Corn silk is best consumed fresh for weight loss. To do this, collect the hairs, cut, placed in a vessel and pour honey. Eat 1 teaspoon in 25 minutes before eating. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.
  4. Herbal decoction bile output. Use the tincture from kidney stones, diseases of the gallbladder. The infusion is diluted with water and drink.
  5. In addition, the plant strengthens the hair. Corn silk is blended with nettle and milk serum, detergent rinse the head, it prevents baldness. Used for obesity, atherosclerosis, strengthens blood vessels, removes cholesterol.
  6. Extract is used in hepatitis, cholecystitis, ease, diseases of the reproductive system, hypertension, swelling. Has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties.
  1. From excess weight. Take it raw, boil it, let it brew. Make less than half of the glass. But watch his reaction to a received tool.
  2. Kidney disease. Eliminates stone, relieves inflammation of the kidneys. The raw material cover with water, bring to a boil. Strain and drink throughout the day. After that, it is advisable to take a warm bath or put a heating pad on the location of the bladder.
  3. Nephrolithiasis. Preparing the broth is the same as above, take 2 tablespoons of broth 3 times a day.
  4. The clotting of blood. Chopped raw material is poured boiling water and filtered. After drinking every hour in small SIPS.
  5. Cholecystitis is treated with liquid extract. It is used as a decoction.
  6. In diseases of the liver. The concentrate reduces the viscosity of bile, increases its secretion. Prepare the infusion of corn stigmas: raw material is poured boiled water, allow to stand for. Then strain and take 1-2 tbsp. l. infusion several times a day.

Every drug has contraindications. It is not recommended to drink corn remedy for such violations as:

  • high blood clotting;
  • lack of appetite;
  • varicose veins;
  • individual intolerance;
  • during the menstrual cycle;
  • people with potassium deficiency;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • kidney stone and gallstone disease.

The product can be combined with other herbs to take in combination. Before using corn medications should consult a physician.

corn for weight loss

Corn increasingly began to appear on store shelves. In the summer you can find vendors of hot corn on the streets. Years later she returns to our table. And it's not in vain. Back in the days when information about which nutrients are contained in a particular product, simply did not exist, our ancestors knew about the properties of corn, and particularly corn stigmas.

They are dried, pounded and used to prepare the broth fresh. Despite the fact that back then people did not know that corn is a source of acid, plus b vitamins, A, E, K and P, the positive effect from its application was obvious.

Decoction of corn hairs not only beneficial for digestion but also help with such health problems as:

  • insufficient formation of bile;
  • hepatitis;
  • obesity;
  • chronic cholecystitis;
  • excessive bleeding;

Regular consumption of maize products normalizes appetite, speeds up metabolism, cleanses the digestive system and also aligns with the percentage of salts in the body and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

In addition, a decoction prepared from the stigmas of corn, is a great complement to many diets. Food restrictions, designed to lead to weight loss, often greatly reduce the intake of substances necessary for the proper functioning of the kidneys and liver.

As a rule, medicines and supplements are plant-based are not taken seriously. Therefore, it is difficult to find results of studies of the effect of these drugs on the body. But since corn silk is officially recognized as a therapeutic agent, as with any medication, they have contraindications.